Banarasi silk saree:
The Banarasi silk sarees are among the most costly and well known sarees woven in Benaras or Varanasi. It is normally made of gold thread and accordingly is extremely costly. These sarees are well known as wedding wear and incorporates four assortments chiefly: the kora, the katari, the sattir and the Georgette.

The historical backdrop of banarasi saree goes back to mughal era. The patterns and designs are so particularly propelled by the mughal time. The banaras brocade themes are thickly patterned and look three dimensional, which is very unlike, the two dimensional example of Deccan and south india. The traditional banarasi sarees are found in light shades that is it may be pale in comparison to other south Indian sarees. Most of the Brocade outlines and designs are impacted by many-sided interweaving botanical and foliate themes, kalga and bel. The mark plan of Banarasi Brocade is a limited periphery like example, called Jhhalar, found along the inward and external border.

Kanjeevaram silk saree:

A Kanjeevaram saree is an unquestionable requirement have in each Indian lady’s wardrobe and what makes it so attractive is the shade of Indian legacy which is so all around showed in these sarees. The name Kanjeevaram saree is put after the name of a little sanctuary town in Tamilnadu.

The energetic shades of these sarees mirror the traditional most loved tint as well as the new choices. These sarees are additionally known for their toughness. The silk base is thicker than some other silk saree and this thickness makes it the most costly silk sarees in India. It is trusted that “The heavier is the silk, the better is the quality”. The most widely recognized themes found in Kanjeevaram sarees are Peacock and parrot. In a true kanjeevaram saree the pallu, the border and the body of the saree is woven independently and afterward interlocked together. These sarees are portrayed by gold plunged silver thread that is woven on the exceptional quality.

Baluchari Saree:


Experts of Bishanpur in Murshidabar dist. of West bengal create this a standout amongst the most fragile and illustrious sort of saree. Unlike from some other silk saree in India baluchari saree is popular for its delicate shading combination, we don’t see a difference mix in baluchari sarees.

Baluchari saree is five yards saree and is 42″ wide in splendid colors like fire red, purple and at times in dark blue. These sarees are made of silk and woven on weaving machines. These are around 200 year old. The sarees appear to be like Banarasi sarees. There is just a single distinction between the two sarees, Baluchari sarees utilize just silk strings and Banarasi sarees do utilize zari strings. The borders of the sarees delineate stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana. The field of the saree is secured with little butis and a beautiful flower configuration keeps running over the edges.

Kornad saree:

Kornad sarees have an unmistakable place in south Indian silk sarees. These sarees are chiefly woven in eastern Tamilnadu. The characteristic of this saree is 10 to 40 cm wide border woven in plain shading with two thin band of supplementary-wrap patterning. Many kornad sarees are named after the shade of their border.The body of these sarees are traditionally in woven example like stripes or checks.

Kornad sarees are likewise called sanctuary saree as it is fundamentally woven for sanctuary ditties in temple. The traditional sanctuary wear saree is additionally called mubbhagam that has two unique borders and field of equivalent width. More ordinarily these sarees are accessible in traditional colors like earth shades of tans, grays and off-whites buy now day’s brighter shades are likewise accessible for the North Indian buyers.

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